What kind of path are you walking on? A maze or a labyrinth?

About a week ago, I took a yoga class at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL. The space is quite lovely. The room is organically shaped in such a way that the yoga mats naturally set up in a curvy line. The mats face East through triangular shaped windows that form billowy shapes. The room overlooks a garden, a labyrinth, and a wishing tree. And just beyond that is Tampa Bay. While unwinding on the mat before class, it’s so easy for one to look around before dropping within.

Before class, I arrived early and had time to walk through the labyrinth and place a wish on the wishing tree. While meandering through the labyrinth, I contemplated a few thoughts which inspired me to write this:

While walking through a maze,
choose your own adventure,
choose between left and right, right and wrong, good and bad,
encounter dead ends, turn around, back track,
struggle and suffer through twists and turns,
anger and frustration,
figure your way blindly through the maze
towards the exit.

What if instead of walking through a maze,
you were walking through a labyrinth?

Head in one direction with courage and confidence.
Head in one direction towards a “goal less” goal with Faith.
Believe that everything is happening the way it is intended.
When you reach the center, the path simply loops around in a circle.
Like going through a cul de sac, the path leads you
back to where you started.

Some people have cut through the hedges
rushing through the labyrinth
focusing on the fruits of their labor-
arriving at the final destination point.
While doing so, they have harmed the bushes and
have destroyed their branches.
Perhaps they have also cut in front of
people who are mindfully walking on the path.

People who are mindfully noticing
the slight breeze caressing their skin,
the crunchy sound of pebbles and shells crackling under their shoes,
the bright sunlight radiantly shining and casting shadows,
the subtle salty air flowing between their lips and through their nose
filling their lungs with fresh air, a new beginning,
emptying their lungs letting go of that which no longer serves them,
a new ending bringing them back to where they began.

How does this relate to your perspective, attitude, and approach to life?

Dali Museum in St. Petersburg
Labyrinth at Dali Museum in St. Pete, FL

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