“You can change…

“You can change your shoes, but the difference happens when you change your path.”

I’ve been contemplating this statement on and off for the past couple months.  What does this mean to me?

This statement interests me, because I tend to have wanderlust and because I desire to inspire others to open their hearts and perspective. I’ve lost sight of the concept that I can most affectively do so by working on myself and changing my perceptions and behaviors. My choices on the way I live my life are a much stronger influence than any workshop or class I lead. Shifting perspective and changing behavior are so much easier said than done…

I can change relationships. I can change jobs within the same industry.  The thing is, unless I work on the root of some of my issues, I will continue to run into the same challenges in different forms. And when I can no longer deal with these challenges, I will make more changes and run into the same hurdles yet again in different forms—lack of trust, fear, insecurity, unworthiness, confusion.

The difference happens when I explore some of my core programming and limited beliefs and start asking myself “Why is that?” and “Is that true?” Perhaps through patience, persistence, honesty, and an open mind, I can take baby steps towards shifting my perspective and altering my thoughts, words and actions.  Perhaps through each word, thought, action/non action, I can eventually learn how to completely love and accept myself as I am, right here and right now.


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